Volks Customer Appreciation – Cruising for Cash

Fresh from Kyoto, I received a supplementary to the bi-monthly product announcement catalog and invitation to a “Customer Appreciation Festival” Tokyo Bay Cruise for SD owners in my mail today.

Invitations were limited to Volks VS and VIP members only, though one non-member guest will be permitted per invitee. So far, the cruise will feature a buffet of fine dining cuisine and the opportunity to purchase limited edition goods, though plans for other events are also underway. The cruise will be on Saturday, July 19 from 7:10pm – 9:40pm and cruise around Tokyo Bay on what is sure to promise a romantic summer evening. The cost for participation is 12,000 yen for members, 17,000 for guests.

Three different limited edition releases will be available for purchase on the ship. The invitation contains a portion in which you can “check” the items you intend to buy, though is quick to note that most products are first come first serve. The items are:

1. Reisner the ScarFACE ~The Shadow of Captain~

  • An SD-17 boy limited edition sculpt, dressed as a rather stately captain. On eye is closed, scarred with what has become an increasingly popular mark of war for the SD series, or a good way to save money on eyes. Only one glass eye is included. The accompanying sword looks rather ornate, especially the hilt. Most articles and the doll’s skin are covered in a UV protective coating.
  • Includes: doll’s body, custom wig, boots, frock coat, tailored vest, dress shirt, trousers, sword holder, captain’s sword, and a sword wielding right hand as an included optional part
  • Price: 155,400 yen

2. Captain Cecil’s “Flare of the midnight sun” Dress set

  • A matching set of pirate’s clothes for an SD-13 boy doll in brilliant white, bound to provide ample costuming background for numerous doll-friend adventures.
  • Includes: captain’s hat, frock coat, tailored vest, dress shirt, trousers, sword holder, eye patch, boots
  • Price: 15,000 yen

3. Captian Cecil’s Eye

  • One glass eye with white pupil. Maybe that’s what happens when you get sliced in the eye. Or, maybe he had this glass eye custom made for you to buy.
  • Includes: one special order 18-19mm glass eye
  • Price: 5,000 yen

Though I must admit that the prospect of unveiling a pirate themed doll on a dining cruise ship is an idea I wish was my own, I’m still inspired with the awe of capitalism that makes buying a chance to buy a doll seem reasonable. This dinner cruise is totally out of my budget for a number of reasons, but I still stop to ponder what types of characters will be on that ship. If anyone were so bold as to pull out their purchase and play – would they be thrown overboard? After buying all of your limited edition goods, do you resort to gorging on international delicacies, or refrain due to the concern of endangering the pristine condition of your product? Presumably, most people will equally gorge themselves on limited edition goods (one per person, guests not included), but perhaps some folks just want to take their doll on a cruise – something generally frowned upon, but made possible through Volks. I may never know, but I’m very curious.

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