Sweating Until August

Kaiyodo is releasing two awesome figures this August.

One: Yotsuba& Revoltech DX Summer Vacation Set

The first Yotsuba& figure was released in Fall of 2007. It also marked the first in Kaiyodo’s Revoltech series, which pairs master sculpts with a unique joint system that allows natural looking super-possibility. The Revoltech series has since expanded into various lines, but here she is again – coming back to where it all began. As opposed to interchanging heads, this Yotsuba will instead come with a total of four interchangeable faces, a new development for the Revoltech line. She will also come with a plethora of accessories, viewable in most detail at amazon.com.

Looking at the Kaiyodo page, it seems like an Ena figure is also in development… Hopefully it won’t befall the same fate as Fuuka, which had a day-one sellout at every figure shop I visited in Akihabara. But I’ve learned my lesson: If you’re serious, pre-order.

Two: Fraulen Revoltech Ayanami Rei Bandaged Edition

The Fraulein (German for maiden) series started on January 1 of this year, and has made one new release on the first of every subsequent month. Combining the Revoltech joint system with a series of further improvements with female figures in mind, (like shoulder joints hidden in the bodice for more delicate arm movements and legs cut more obtuse at the hip to create a more natural bikini line) the Fraulein sculpt is simply breathtaking. Like the Yotsuba& series, Fraulein are also sculpted by Enoki Tomohide.

The first of this series was Ayanami Rei, and though it took a while, she had sold out for good by mid-March. Many times passing by the Kaiyudo shop windows in Radio Kaikan, I could see a sign that read something like, “No, we don’t know when Rei will be back in stock. No, we cannot take pre-orders. No, we don’t know anything.” At one point, I believe one of the many Rei’s in the display case chidingly held up the sign for customers to see. Talk about tear-jerking…

However, now after three months of figures from the IDOLM@STER game series, just when I thought Fraulein was done for, Rei has resurfaced. Decorated with bandages from the scarring life of EVA test-piloting, it doesn’t seem as sleek as the original, but still pretty cool, with perhaps a medical fetish edge. In addition to this new figure, a re-release of the original Ayanami Rei will also begin in August – yet another full circle.

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