coppers hayakawa

In 2002, a father-son team of “Hayakawas” joined forces to create a unique style of metal work. According to their mission statement, “coppers hayakawa” bring forth a “modern-style retro-future world… a world populated by creatures composed of copper cells.” Mixing elements of “emotion, intrigue, and humor,” they insist that the beings are not born of their imagination and intent alone. The finished work rather develops through tens, often hundreds of laborious hours, in which their “right brain intuitively takes control of the design,” bringing forth an amazingly natural and curious metallic being.

Their work is surprisingly reminiscent of sci-fi genre anime. Indeed, their circle of friends includes Koji Morimoto and Katsuhiro Otomo. They even made the special basset hound fusion piece “Gabriel Mk2″ for an exhibit commemorating the theatrical release of Mamoro Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell sequel Innocence. “You’ve exceeded the bounds of imagination,” praises Oshii, who “can’t pry his eyes off the piece even for a photograph,” joke the Hayakawas.

They recently held a free exhibit of works for sale at the Marunouchi location of bookstore Maruzen, near Tokyo Station. It was absolutely breathtaking; Batsu and Maru pondered the small area for nearly an hour, finding new favorite pieces and re-examining finer detail work such as the cacophony of small metallic tubing that snaked through certain pieces, infusing a mechanic yet decidedly organic element to the copper creatures.

Their next showcase will be in Nagoya, at Creator’s Market 18. It will be held June 14 and 15 at Port Messe Nagoya, Building 3; entrance is 800 yen.

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