Zero Points of Articulation – A Moving Prospect

Kaiyudo has finally announced the new Ena Ayase figure to be released as part of their Revoltech Yostuba&! series. The youngest of three sisters living next door to Yotsuba in the the Yostuba&! manga, her decidedly “moe” characteristics are the topic of a few 2ch discussion threads. Along with the Fuka bikini edition figure, it will be available September 1. Accessories include a towel, stuffed bear Juliette, and an alternate body – giving the virtual illusion of having two figures at the price of one.

The most interesting prospect of both new figure releases is that they will have no joints: zero points of articulation. Essentially, they can’t move at all; stuck forever in static pose. Though the term figure can refer to everything from the super poseable to the statuesque, this is a surprising turn of event for the Revoltech series, designed to showcase a joint technology of the same name.

So, then… why? Well, I’m not sure exactly. It’s possible that both figures will sell out based on pure infatuation as opposed to any special features, as did the first Fuka figure, and Kaiyodo doesn’t feel like going the extra mile. It’s also possible that the lack of joints is supposed to give some particular characteristic to the figure or the creation of scenes with Yotsuba, who is easily the most animated between the three.  Unfortunately, none these explanations will aide my creativity in recreating scenes with a string telephone, cake mix, sketch pad, or most any props. Basically, they’re going to have to stand around in exclusion and watch Yotsuba do stuff.

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