Asuka and Rei: Dream Come True?

According to the July issue of Volks News, special limited edition Dollfie Dream (DD) makes of Ayanami Rei and Soryu Asuka Langely will be available at the Home Town Dolls Party 5 in Osaka. They mark the newest additions to Volks Evangelion Complimentary Design Project.

The spherical joint dolls, which stand 27cm high, will be clothed in popular maid-inspired costumes. The costumes first appeared as part of a pachinko promotion, featuring the two Evangelion characters on special limited edition member cards in summer of 2007. Last winter, the same characters graced limited edition cans of UCC coffee. The costume includes: a one piece dress, apron, petticoat, underwear, choker, decorative cuffs, head piece, white thigh-high socks, and school issue brown loafers.

In addition to costumes, the dolls will have custom made heads, eyes, and wigs on a DD Base Body II with white colored skin and medium sized bust. Each will be priced at 54,000 yen. A “Tokyo 3 First JHS School Uniform,” including a shirt, blue jumper, red ribbon, white undergarments, black socks, white indoor shoes, and black satchel bag, will be available separately at a price of 16,000 yen. Both dolls and the school uniform will available in limited quantities and only at the upcoming Osaka Dolls Party.

Volks Home Town Dolls Party Osaka 5 will be August 23 – 24 at Intex Osaka, Building 3. Admission is 1,500 yen, which includes an official guide book.

Volks has made quite a few anime inspired figures for their DD line, which like Super Dollfie, are designed to be highly customizable. Though I seldom buy, I’m always impressed at the level of detail and craftsmanship that go into their products. Now I just have to find a way to Osaka…

…What?  To buy a chance at buying a doll?  I think I’m not the customer base Volks aims for when organizing “customer appreciation” packages, but their stuff is cool.

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