Maid Crime Prevention Seminar

In order to prevent crime and encourage precautionary action, another Maid Crime Prevention Seminar has been organized by the Manseibashi Police Station in Akihabara. The seminar will be held tomorrow at Maid Cafe Filles; contents will include instruction on women’s self defense and dialing 110, the emergency hotline in Japan. Though entrance is free, only 30 seats will be available and attendants should reserve in advance.

The first Maid Crime Prevention Seminar was held last summer in response to the influx of organized crime and other incidents involving the assault of maids in the area. Held at the Manseibashi Police Station, it mainly consisted of a distributing a prospectus designed to raise awareness of crime prevention, including the formation of volunteer patrol groups, and cooperation with the police. Representatives from three maid cafes attended to disseminate information.

Though maidblog’s recap of last year’s event is rather, well, lackluster to say the least – highlighting the giant stack of paperwork handed to each participant – perhaps awareness is greatest preventative measure in this situation. Many of the assaults that happened at the time included girls following or leading strangers into secluded areas; things most people would consider to be foolish lapses in judgment. At the time of employment, many maid cafes now educate staff by contractually prohibiting them from doing things that compromise personal safety, to avoid both incidents and accountability.
Source: Hagemaru


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