Annual Akiba Uchimizukko Splash the Streets

August 2 will mark the 5th annual Akihabara Uchimizukko. The event will involve a variety of costumed girls splashing the street with water, including many representatives from area maid cafes. The opening ceremonies will begin 3:00 at Kanda Myojin Shrine, and then take to the streets at 4:30 to cool the whole town.

Uchimizu actually finds its roots in traditional Japanese custom, and even today you can see men and women alike of all ages splashing outside areas with water. People perform this action to abate dust, or in this case cool the area. The evaporating water feels refreshing to the skin, and offers a temporary ease from the sweltering heat. It is usually performed with a small bucket or other container of used water (like bath water) or rain water, as opposed to fresh tap water, and is disbursed in small quantities using a hand or ladle.

Last year, the uchimizukko undertook the noble task of combating global warming… by spilling a bunch of water on the street. This year, organizers seem to have a more realistic sense of the event, making “moe” costumes rule number one for participants. Spectators will surely be packing zoom lenses. There was also a hilarious video last year detailing the right and wrong way to uchimizu, but this year’s site still encourages people against splashing others.

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  1. scott said,

    August 25, 2008 at 1:40 am

    Splash your way to a better tomorrow!

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