The Future (of) is Gundam

On the 28th, the Hiroshima Economic Friendship Association’s Biannual Animation Fund announced the formation of academic research group “International Gundam Scientific Association,” based on the popular Gundam anime enterprise. The foundation of the group is in conjunction with the organization’s Robot Anime Expo, being held in Hiroshima from August 7-26. The fruits of the group’s research will be presented the end of this August, and will include their projections regarding the design of future cities.

Composed of university professors recognized as experts in their respective fields, including specialists in architecture and sociology, renowned Japanese architectural historian and Osaka University professor Shinya Hashidume has been appointed chairman of the panel. Among the group’s purposes are the economic and sociological analyses of the “Universal Century” – the age when increasing human population will force immigration into space, and taking its name from the original time line of the Gundam metaseries. During the exhibition of their finished project, a symposium will also be organized to debate both the thematics and feasibility of their future vision.

The Gundam series, which started broadcasting in Japan in 1979, has inspired countless endeavors of both experimental arts and technologies. This most recent delve into the reality of a Gundam universe only further explicates the link between science fact and science fiction in popular imagination, and most certainly trumps the United States’ “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative hype of the 1980s.

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  1. Jarrod said,

    August 1, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Thats awesome! Hopefully in our lifetime we will get to see the creation of the first colony…then watch it get dropped on earth :) Zieg Zeon!!

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