Yostuba&! Figures from 7-11?

In what seems to be a new angle in marketing, figures from Kiyohiko Azuma’s Yotsuba&! series, currently running in the Dengeki Daioh monthly publication, have been branded yet again.

It all began last winter, when amazon.com offered a special Danboard figure – a character dressed in an array of cardboard boxes – wearing exclusively Amazon packaging. This time around, 7&i Holdings is getting in on the action, offering not only 7-11 branded version of Danboard, but Fuka as well. Both manufactured by Kaiyodo, which offers an ever widening variety of Yotsuba&! series figures, the 7-11 Fuka edition will have two alternate bodies, just as the original. One will feature a 7-11 brand t-shirt and matching skirt, while the other body will feature a yellow shirt with “goya” written on it. The shirt references an episode in the comic involving Okinawa, famous in Japan for goya – a green, bumby and uniquely flavored vegetable known as balsam pear, bitter melon, and bitter gourd in English.

Both figures are available from Seven-Net, 7-11′s online shopping service. Pre-orders, which started July 29, will continue to be accepted through September 9, and figures will be shipped as to arrive at 7am on November 27.

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