Jubeat for You

In promotion of the newest title in Konami’s Bemani series, 50 select game centers around Japan will be having public demonstration events for Jubeat (pronounced you-beat).

Released July 24 of this year, Jubeat joins the ranks of Dance Dance Revolution, Pop n’ Music, Beatmania, and other titles in the Bemani series. The series focuses on a musically integrated game experience, incorporating elements of dance and music creation. Jubeat features a series of 16 small LCD display screens arranged in 4×4 fashion. These screens dual as buttons which the player presses during game play in rhythm with the music as they illuminate. Unlike other Bemani titles, in which the player reads a screen and interprets musical notation through a peripheral instrument, the screen is essentially the instrument itself, prompting some players to compare game play to arcade classic “whack-a-mole.”

Public demonstrations in promotion of the game began August 16, and will last until mid October. Though no demonstration is planned for Akihabara, the closest event will be held near Shinkoiwa Station, about 15 min from Akihabara on the JR Sobu line, at Adores Game Center. The event will be held during operation hours September 20 and 21.

For more information please visit Adores Shinkoiwa, and the Official Jubeat Site.

For an online trial-play of Jubeat follow this link and click on the green button in the lower right corner.

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