TGS Terror Alert – Expect to Wait

With the world’s most anticipated annual gaming event soon upon us, organizers recently announced that all attendees admitted to TGS on days open to the general public will be subject full baggage search. The move follows a similar decision by Comiket organizers last summer to ensure public safety amidst threats posted via BBS and internet rumors. In the wake of the Akiba Massacre, in which perpetrator Tomohiro Kato used internet forums to inform the world of his criminal intent before killing 7 people and injuring many others, organizers have been taking extra precautions to tighten security at otaku related events.

There will be a total of four baggage checks at TGS, all stationed at points of entry to the event. Despite (or perhaps due to) the one day extension implemented last year, making the event open to the public for a total of two days, attendance was sky high at approximately 120,000 people. Though this pales in comparison to the near 500,000 who attended Comiket, attendees should expect long lines and come early, familiarizing themselves with forbidden articles.

Though the list has not yet been made available in English, these articles include:

- Anything longer than 50cm (including cosplay accessories).

- Anything that can be used as or resembles a weapon over 6cm in length, such as guns, model guns, knives, scissors, and needles.

- Drugs, poisons, and other potentially lethal substances.

- Combustibles, explosives, fireworks, excessive amounts of matches or lighters, and other materials deemed highly flammable.

- Hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools.

- Alcohol.

- Anything dangerous to use in a confined space, such as bicycles, roller skates, skate boards, yo-yos, and balls.

- Anything else deemed potentially dangerous by the staff.

Source: Ota-suke

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