Remebering Love with Lynn Minmei

I got the rare chance to play with Yamato’s Lynn Minmei for a day last week.

She’s a limited edition production, made to order and distributed last September.  After trying on her standard costume – modeled after the famous “Do You Remember Love” performance – we experimented with some other outfits and then went for a stroll in Akihabara.  I didn’t have a case for her, and wasn’t about to put her back in the box, so she just rode on my arm.  Yes, it was quite a spectacle, and a little embarrassing, really.  We stopped at Kanda Myojin Temple for a few shots, and then prayed to the kami-sama, or patron gods of the temple.  There were a lot of people gathered around, but I only prayed that none of them be angry.  Even kami-sama have limits.

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