Winter Anime 2009

Better late then never… the Winter 2009 Anime page is up.

Doll Show 24

The event known simply as “Doll Show” has been held sporadically at the Tokyo Trade Center for over 10 years.  Since the spring of 1998, independent vendors have gathered to offer dolls and doll related goods  ranging from Takara’s Licca and Jenny to Mattel’s Barbie to GI Joe’s and other action figures (also read “dolls”) geared towards boys.  More recently, the categories have expanded to include popular ball-jointed dolls, such as Volks, antique dolls, and even original dolls and doll art.  Though the event staff estimates that a whopping 80% of the floor caters to “girl’s toys,” gender is a non-issue when it comes to play, and many men can be seen carrying their prized possessions right alongside their female counterparts.

Doll Show 24 marked the first Doll Show of 2009, and was held on January 18.  Despite the dismal weather, the convention hall bustled with patrons, dealers, and doll lovers of all types.  There were some especially beautiful displays set up this time around, we’d like to thank the artists for allowing us the opportunity to show your their work.

Artists include:

Petit Time

Altelier Tsukinu

Water Mirror


Ayaka Doll

Cranky Gel

Strawberryshine Doll

momo rose




Crazy Rabbit Garret

Mother Goose

The next Doll Show will be held April 26, 2009 at the Tokyo Trade Center.  For more information, please visit the official website.

Volks Shop Finder


The following link leads to a Google Map detailing all of the Volks Showroom and Tenshi no Sumika locations in Japan. In addition to offering a variety of figures, kits, and dolls, including the Dollfie line, Volks shops provide the craftsman and other artists with a plethora of resources for creating and modifying figures, as well as the materials and inspiration to embark on other original projects. Volks shops are also stocked with information about local events, exhibits, and classroom workshops, many of which are organized by Volks itself, and staff are usually friendly craft enthusiasts, more than willing to assist and offer advice.

No two Volks shops are the same, and those living in or visiting Tokyo might find it helpful to visit a few shop locations when collecting materials, or looking for that special SD dress. The main problem with this is actually finding the locations, as they can be hidden in buildings, basements, or dark alleyways in the sprawling urban jungle. With the aid of Google Maps, most of this guesswork has been taken away, as every nook and cranny is carefully documented from an aerial view, and you can often look at surrounding landmarks using the Street View function.

To those visiting for the first time, Volks Showroom locations feature toys, figures, resin kits, and other hobby related materials such as paint, glue, clay, molding tools, and various printed materials. Volks Tenshi no Sumika locations are specialized Dollfie outlets, carrying dolls, clothes, accessories, parts, and special care items among many other things for Dollfie of various sizes. Many Volks locations feature a Tenshi no Sumika area inside a larger Showroom store, though there are some specialized locations, all of which have been detailed on the map.

I hope you find this useful for all of your wants and needs, and look forward to hearing your feedback. And, please, don’t be afraid to mention any mistakes.

Without further adieu:

The Volks Shop Finder

The creation of the Volks Shop Finder has also inspired a number of other maps detailing some of the finer doll, art, hobby, anime, and otaku points of Japan. As such, a permanent page containing links to these maps has been created, and can be accessed under “Pages.”

The maps, however, are still a work in progress.

Cleaning House

Some people may have noticed batsu was down for a while. I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience, as we are in the midst of cleaning house. Please expect to see things looking a bit more orderly, as well as posts more regular, in the coming weeks.