2009 Spring Anime Page

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Well, then, what are batsu’s choice for this season? To be honest, there seem to be a lot of lemons. On the other hand, an interesting trend towards “gothic boy fantasy for girls’” anime seems to be on the rise. The first step out of the closet for this new genre manifested in gothic-lolita clothing; to conform to the local jargon, more specifically “(elegant) gothic aristocrat” and “dandy” sub-genres of the “gothic” and “elegant gothic” styles. This idea was then carried over to “dan-sou cafes.” Similar to maid cafes, these are butler-style fantasy cafes and bars, staffed exclusively with cross-dressing women; though cafe is not the end all, as these types of businesses include everything up to escort services. Naturally, the artistic paradigms in terms of both style and narrative of what I’ve termed “gothic boy fantasy for girls’” bled into manga and currently has a huge following in the BJD scene. Stopping short of cultural analysis, I’m going to say simply that I find it interesting – perhaps not my taste, but interesting.

The shining star that could potentially be hit-or-miss is Eden of the East. A lot of big names are involved, and the set-up is intriguing. Valkyria Chronicles, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and maybe even Dragon Ball: Kai deserve a shot. Phantom – Requiem for the Phantom has a very dark, sleek art style, and sexy character design, but the narrative may be a bit trite; time will tell. Ristorante Paradiso would be great save for the drama; the restaurant / bakery setting finds a lot appeal with fujoshi, which is fine, just not for me. But enough complaining… how about a top 3?

eden valkyria fma

Only 3… a little sad.

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