Garden of Good and Evil

Batsu was in the Akiba branch Don Quijote, moving up the series of escalators that snakes along to a 6th floor arcade when all of a sudden, something caught her eye.  It was a large poster facing the opposing escalator bearing definitive Junko Mizuno art.  There was no mistake about it, I could even make out a bubbly font reading “Mizuno,” somewhere opposite the bubbly font reading “condoms.”

“Wow,” I escaped my lips in astonishment, as I slowly turned 180 degrees in a fixed gaze until the poster was out of sight.

After ranking in the arcade at Drum Master and being humiliated by Mr. A in the Jubeat area, it was time to see the poster again.  “Mizuno Garden – Condoms and Lotions.”  Wow.  It was inappropriate to go shopping with the company at hand, so I postponed further curiosity until browsing the interwebs at home.

Just to make one thing clear, this isn’t a product review – suffice to say that I bought it.  If anything, living in Japan has taught me how to appreciate good packaging, and in extention my own consumer gullibility when it comes to good packaging.  I’d buy almost anything with Junko Mizuno art, even if the product was disposable.  No, especially if that product was disposable.  I could take it all over town and feel cool showing others that I use it.  Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those kind of products for me; but I encourage you to casually drop them at parties and local bars to show other people how classy you are, if that’s your thing.

The condoms… are a box of condoms.  And the lotion…  is packets of lotion.  All of the packaging is covered in art specially designed for Mizuno Garden.  Each box also contains a random trading card, or apparently, sometimes even a free product gift card.  Am I lucky?

You can read more on their English site, but they’re not shipping internationally at the moment.  The art and animation on the page are both great, a very Mizuno styling of cute yet dark, and very suggestive.

*Update:  As of 7/31, the online Mizuno Garden shop has closed.  However, products are still avaialable at participating retailers.  For now, at least.

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