About the Anime Guide

Looking at page hits… practically no one reads it.  As it is a waste of my time to translate the TV schedule when barely a soul makes use of it, I think I should invest my efforts elsewhere…  such as, in watching more anime!

Oh the other hand, if you actually do/did read it, let me know.  There is at least one former employer of mine who does something similar now, albeit much simpler and far less organized, imho.  Perhaps I’ll have a change of heart.

This season I’ll be watching more of FMABrotherhood, Valkyria Chronicles, and the new Wolf and Spice.  Last season Pandora Hearts started off all fine and well, but got annoyingly trite halfway through – so much that not even their snazzy duds could save them.  Eden of the East befell a similar fate, somehow failing to generate enough substance or intrigue to create momentum within the narrative.  Of course, in a couple years I’ll probably be watching it again, wondering if I gave up too soon.  I’ll fill in the gaps of “lack of a better season” with the original Gundam series to commemorate the 30th anniversary 1:1 scale model built in Odabai.  Pics to follow soon.

Oh, yes – so to recap, the Anime Guide section has been cancelled, in order for me to watch more anime.

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