Pressing Buttons

After purchasing a superb amount of buttons from dealers Cotton Tail and Pb’-factory, Batsu was finally able to start and finish a few projects.  The first one I completed was from Dressmaking for Super Dollfie Vol.2, the pattern called Parallel for MSD.  Once the butler’s costume for her faithful servant is complete, no one should be mistaking this for a maid’s outfit – though rest assured, that still provides no excuse for doing so now.

Her face is admittedly a little off.  As I’ve been experimenting with various blushing and painting techniques and haven’t been using a sealer, her make-up smears/disappears on occasion.  After her most recent blushing, I erased her eye shading and haven’t yet reapplied it.  However, looking at the progress thus far, her next face may be a keeper.

After Miyu tried on her new dress, she decided to have a tea party with Teddy.

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