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About a year ago, batsu wrote this article/review for Otaku2.com. The subject of the review was a doll made by Yamato; specifically, a limited edition Obitsu 50cm body Minmei character doll. I don’t think it’s one of my better pieces, but the photos turned out alright. I got to dress her up in a few different outfits, and we took a walk to Kanda Myojin Shrine in Akihabara.  And apparently it was published in some Hungarian magazine, too?  The details on that are fuzzy, but I hear it’s true.

Apparently, someone in the product development department was kind to take notice. Kanda Myojin is actually right down the street from their offices.  And, surprisingly, that same someone still remembered those photos a year later! So in short, today I was invited to their showroom for a peek at new dolls, figures, and accessories.

The new bodies look sharp, and it seems like they’re going to steer away from licensed characters and go more towards original dolls, making them both more affordable and more customizable. The B-type body is admittedly a bit voluptuous and muscular for my taste, but is nonetheless perfect for the Ikitousen character it was created for. Not only ripped, but well shaded to show muscle tone. They’re going to start offering it, along with a bit less beefy (but still quite busty) D-type body in both raw kits and as well as concept characters.  The dolls were deco’ed out today in jeweled nail stickers by the company president, who also took the liberty of adding some up-skirt bling for the precarious passerby.

That said, speaking for myself the best part about Yamato is their costumes and accessories. Factory produced, yet still meticulously detailed. Ms. Yasuge is assuringly – refreshingly – fastidious in regard to particulars, and was quite generous to expound upon the making of various parts, such as wigs, gloves, clothes and shoes.  Just taking one look at those shoes more or less speaks for itself.  Sourced out to a “regular” shoe factory and made of the same materials as “people” shoes, they have a presence all their own – of which the same can be said for their pleather outfits.  The new glasses are also top notch, made with a special thin plastic as to not distort the overall look and shape of the eye, and delicately hinged just like “real” glasses.

There were figures and other dolls as well, but I only snapped picutres of Mercedes from Odin Sphere and the intimidating Macross collection, now with street-legal bike helmet.

You can go see it all for yourself tomorrow, when it’s open to the public:

Doll Holic

10/24/2009 11am-4pm

Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku Sotokanda 2-4-4

Dai-Ichi Denpa Building 8F

In addition to the showroom, there will also be a photospace if you care to bring your dolls.

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