all hallows’ eve

for halloween every year, aside from the small festivities in their rabbit hutch apartment, batsu and maru usually attend a birthday party.

it is a grand spectacle full of wonder, thrown by a truly talented and entertaining individual (rather, individuals including sankaku’s 2 roommates).  you can tell that preparations were underway months in advance.  the deposit on their house was forfeited in this spirit long ago, as the remnants of bloody hands can be seen in the entrance way year-round.  every room always holds untold horrors – spiders, skeletons, bats, cobwebs, and an ocean of blood.  awesome candy, seasonal drinks, thematic food, horror games, and horror movies, of course.

the last two years we’ve been given costume assignments – which i actually admire at some level.  seeing half-assed costumes the year prior (myself included), i hold no grudges.  this year, we were all to come as bats.  not sure how to start, lilith from the dark stalker (vampire savior) series came as inspiration one sleepy night, and the hat project began.

maru’s hat used a classic fedora base, with wing and rose attachments (removable).  batsu’s hat is hand-sewn from felt, with lace and ribbon trim.  the small bat is also made of felt, with metalic bead eyes.  reversible capes were layered over dark formal wear completing a “neo-victorian” look, as delightfully stated by the host.

the capes, from last year, were part of a good-witch/bad-witch act, during which we continually flipped capes and exchanged hats to become the “dark one” and the “light one.”  they tie in the front via burgundy satin ribbon, hence the burgundy ribbon accents on the hats.

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