all hallows’ evening invitational

a couple weeks prior to halloween, batsu and maru were invited to a private gaming and dinner evening.  the theme for the evening was hp lovecraft – more specifically, the cthulhu mythos, set in the roaring 20s.

after some debate about the menu, the host and i decided that indian food would allow us the range of color necessary to envoke the proper pallete without appearing discusting.  the menu included:

the maw of cthulhu (palak paneer surrounded by tentacle naan)

yog soggoth (vegetable kofta in tomato curry)

shrub niggerath (curried green beans in carved gourds)

blood of the foresaken (brillant red cucumber pickle)

sign of the elder gods (chocolate sketched on kheer, splattered in raspberry sauce)

the lighting was rather ambient, making photography difficult, so i’ve included a test photo from when the “tentacle naan” was still in development.

the gaming session which followed our feast started with Arkam Horror, using the Innsmouth expansion.  in short, the game tries to recreate a scenario of the ancient ones reawakening on earth – in which the participants generally become mad and lose to the alien gods.  winning is possible, but chances are slim.  the experience is apparently more about trying to imagine the horrors than actually arising victorious (as explained by one of the hosts).

the second, and last, game we played was the Shab-al-Hiri Roach.  admittedly, we didn’t have enough time to play properly – though the game is a dark comedy lampooning the world of academia, through turns of collective storytelling.

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