tama @ vanilla

It was a while ago, but batsu got the opportunity to meet tama at Vanilla Gallery in Ginza.

I arrived about 30 minutes until closing on the last day, wandering about the gallery forever deciding which paintings I liked best, and what I wanted to say to tama as she signed my book.  All of her work is so breathtakingly perfect – not a drop of water out of place; even the frames are gorgeous.  The time really flew, so after my purchases there were about 5 minutes left.  One more person was standing in line, and the timing seemed great.

But immediately following, a friend appeared to help her pack up.  I hesitated for a moment before embarrassingly approaching her for an autograph, thanking her for her beautiful art and the time she had spent.  Whilst I cleaned in her stead, she gave me a “simple sign” (ie “just a signature”) – better than nothing, but it seems everyone else got a personal drawing.  Indeed, all my fault – it was a bad luck day.

I picked up her new book Amairo Romance, some postcards, and – my favorite – a small vanity mirror.  There were a few designs to choose from, but as I generally feel a bit broken and distorted looking at my face in public, this one seemed the most appropriate.


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