Happy New Year

New Year’s holiday is never complete in Japan without… well, a lot of things to be honest.  But taking the number one spot on batsu’s list this year is:



a New Year’s card from Perfume.  The most awesome part is that it was actually delivered on New Year’s Day, along with many other cards from friends and family (that did not have anything to do with Perfume, so we’ll skip them).

It was totally worth the ridiculous amount of money I spent on becoming a fan club member back in October.

The Triangle tour was the first time I’d ever seen Perfume live in concert, and also the first time I’d ever paid (a lot of) money to catch mere snippets of a stage performance.  The “standing” seats, which were nearly the same price as actual seats, were not in the center of the arena as I’d assumed, but actually standing in rows behind those in seats (who were, inevitably, standing).  If maru and I had managed to be in the first row of standers, well, things may have been different.  Then again, we didn’t choose standing so much for fun as for necessity.  All real seats for both Yokohama days sold out in less than 5 minutes – and yes, I was in line at the convenience store ticket machine 15 minutes early.

At the first wind of “club members get priority tickets” I was sold.  Special live house (small venue) tour for club members this spring?  Sold.  Special holiday greeting cards?  No, I totally forgot about that until it arrived in the mail, but looking at it now, sure.  Sold.

In a bit of an aside, batsu had to take leave in preparation of a 6 month relocation to Malaysia.  However, at the last minute, 3 days prior to departure, the business trip was cancelled, or possible postponed?  I’m not sure, but it felt good to wake up in Japan.  Expect more bastu updates shortly.

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