Nurse Audrey

A while back, batsu made a promise to babyart – that his beloved Audrey Hepburn Pullip might be better outfitted.  It took a while to make good on that promise (a couple months?  though, only a week of actual work^^;) but here you have it, in an indulgent yet still poorly shot session.  My place was prepped for a Malaysian move, and not really the best photo space…  Excuses, excuses!

Her outfit is based on late Victorian and early Eduardian style nurses’ uniforms, like the last image in the gallery.  Otherwise, I made an original pattern using a Blythe doll dress from Dolly Dolly vol. 20 as reference.  The reference piece is was half-sleeved, scoop-necked, tiered skirt number – essentially a totally different dress.  In addition, Audrey was much more willowy, so the entire pattern had to be redrawn in the end.

This was my first time working with a doll so small.  On the one hand, the newness and excitement was inspiring.  Mistakes and remakes, such as the time my thumb was unwittingly pierced and her dress spoiled with blood, wasted little fabric.  On the other hand, some portions required very delicate stitch-work, manoeuvring extremely tight spaces.  It was a difficult balance, but Audrey-chan was a paradigm of patience.  Perhaps it will improve her bedside manner.

Most of the fabric was puchased at discount fabric outlet Tomato, which I’ll rant about in another piece.

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