Yukata and Summer Kimono

Batsu just finished a big project, and went out yesterday to celebrate.  The festivities included paying the rent, submitting bills, printing invoices, visiting the cleaners, grocery shopping, and basically all the other chores that had been on postponed due to the urgency of the work at hand.  However, it also gave me a chance to look around – the seasons are changing, the hydrangea are blooming.  My landlord was working with her daughter to prune the plum tree, gathering the newly formed green fruits to make liqueur.  Summer is not yet here, but the intermittent rainy season is soon upon us.

I like to wear kimono whenever possible, and summer provides many opportunities for doing so without looking or feeling out of place.  So, while I was out, I picked up a book on modern summer kimono and yukata stylings without hesitation – even a book for beginners.  Having attended formal kimono class, I feel rather comfortable with the basics, but often lack the sense (and/or finance) to assemble a cohesive look.  Besides pointers for establishing harmony between kimono and accessories, there were bits of advice about styling for your body type, unique obi arrangements, and hair styling tips.

If I start now, there should be enough time to practice before all of the summer festivals.  I particularly need to work on hair styling… but a more thorough review certainly wouldn’t hurt.  I’d also like to work more on creating an EGL or loli inspired yukata look.




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