Doll Show 28


Even though I was busy with this and that at the time, I still made it to Doll Show 28 back in May.

In case you don’t know what Doll Show is, let me just introduce it by saying it’s one of my favorite doll events. It ties with i-doll in that regard, but they both suit my fancy much more than the Volks Dolls Parties, even though I’m a Volks owner and more or less swear by the Volks brand.  The amount of craftsmanship and creativity is generally of a higher calibre, and the price of admission is much lower.  All of these events focus on dolls and doll related goods, including a few factory dealers (Yamato, AZONE, Volks, etc.) but primarily featuring unique handmade items.  Clothing, furniture, accessories, toys, food, custom parts – you name it; this is the place to find everything for your doll.

The lesser-known Doll Show and i-doll events also provide most of the fodder for features in the doll magazines Dolly Dolly and Dollybird.  It’s exciting to see a really well crafted dress or display and then learn how to make it in the next issue.  Better yet, you can sometimes catch the article in the making, whether it be the photographer taking shots or staff approaching for an interview.

Aside from shopping, there are of course social aspects.  Some people bring their dolls and rent tables in a separate area to pose and parade them.  Recently, special photo areas have also made an appearance.  But on a personal note, the one time Miyu accompanied me, we were brazenly targeted with a lot of unwanted solicitation.  Most people seem to either enjoy or ignore the attention, but it puts me off enough to let her relax at home while I run the errands.

But enough of all this – it’s much better explained in photos.  I’ll talk more about the merits of a Volks event sometime soon.  To be fair, of course.  The most recent Tokyo Dolls Party was only two days after Doll Show 28.

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