Boom – Edogawa Fireworks Festival

Of the twenty or so fireworks festivals in Tokyo, Edogawa is simply the best.  There are no buildings obstructing the view.  There is plenty of seating along the cool riverbank. It usually has the second most fireworks for a single show in the Kanto area.  And probably best of all, I can get there by cab for a reasonable fare.

In other words:

*14,000 fireworks

*perfect view

*1,000 – 2,000 yen and I can arrive any time in a splendid yukata

Most of these points will apply to you, so if you find yourself in Tokyo one August, choose Edogawa.  Of course, there will probably be close to a million people there, and like any fireworks display, things will be quite crowded.  But even if you arrive late to Edogawa, you’ll still be able to see the show!  No ducking around buildings, straining to see through trees.  No need to pay for a boat or helicopter ride.  That may sound like a joke, but I assure you it is not.

This year was my fourth time attending the show in Edogawa, and even though many parts are remarkably similar from program to program, I honestly anticipate this day all year long.  BOOM!  I like to sit as close as possible, reveling in the light and reeling in the shock-waves from each explosion.  Camera vaguely pointed at the sky, I more or less hold the shutter to take a continuous stream of photos – as if the majestic awe of the moment could somehow be captured.

Here is a video, documenting my favorite part of the show:

No one ever photographs me… save for the local bar visited on the way home.  And usually, no one photographs the food I prepare; however, this year someone managed to capture some it.  Even though it’s not a great picture, it makes me happy.

So now, though there’s not much to do but wait for next year, I can still take a look at these photos and know without doubt that Edogawa could beat the pants off of any other fireworks display.  Since I alluded to living in the area, let me admit that these are my proud tax monies at work.  BOOM!  I hope you all take to time to enjoy this spectacular evening; don’t worry, it’s on me.

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