Nintendo Summer Fan

Last year, I reluctantly signed up for Club Nintendo, expecting it to work like any point system.  For example, at my local game shop, every time you spend 1,000 yen, you get 1 stamp; after you’ve dropped 30,000 yen and produced said card at every purchase, you get 500 yen off.  That’s  barely more than a 1% reward.  Every place I shop has a point card, and for the most part, I refuse them.  They are a bulky waste of time.

And so, somehow I decided to sign up anyway.  At least the points are tallied via cell phone, limiting the ways to loose or forget about them.  Then I came to realize you can actually trade the points for really cool stuff!  Amazingly cool stuff!  Delivered to your house for free!

I got a mail describing a new summer item last spring and immediately ordered it.  In late July, it arrived.  All I can say is, Club Nintendo really does help gamers feel more pleasure.

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