Candied Peel

The benefit of being sick for weeks is the loads of citrus that gets quickly used.  At least… this is what I realized the last week of my illness.  I’m not sure it would have been any better had I realized earlier, as in a very short amount of time the fridge was nearly full of peel.  Why would I be saving the peels?  Well, to make candied citrus peel for Victorian era sweets!

Premade candied peels and fruits are rather difficult to find in my area, so I gave the old recipe a try, tripling the volume of syrup to accomodate.  After reading up a bit on the process in Chocolate and Confections, this batch has turned out much better than the last.  The peels included lemon, mandarin orange, and amanatsu (sweet Watson pomello?).

After finally finding some finger cookies (as opposed to making stale ones from scratch), the last decision I have to make is whether or not to candy some cherries.  They’ve just begun to show their face in the market, after all.  The next recipe shall be Cabinet Pudding.

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