About Batsu3.org


1) Japanese for the marking “X.”

2) Depending on the cultural reference, used to describe something as wrong or salacious.


1) Japanese for the number 3.

2) Japanese honorific, used to denote a person or a person’s name.


1) An ex-pat pandering in wonderland. She studied under various academic icons in the field of Japanese pop culture (Napier, Allison), but preferred to stray from the beaten path to pursue skirt chasing at @home cafe, where she served as a maid for a time.  Once specializing in “otaku” journalism, she has been published through Akibanana, Otaku2, and Akiba Today.  She’s now a freelance translator living in Tokyo.

Interests include video games, anime, fantasy cafes / bars, figures, dolls, cosplay, fashion, and manga – with a side of cooking, literature, art, and dance.


1) Illustrates the art of zen in game-controller button tapping, executed by pressing “X” three times in measured but rapid succession.

2) Batsu-san’s alleged super-move.

Contact at batsu@batsu3.org.